6 Ways To Have Effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Solomon Thimothy - June 29, 2010

customer serviceThere are many options available to generate new leads for your business. Whether it is through direct mail marketing, search engine marketing, or online advertisements, you can find the marketing plan that works best with your company and its budget.

However, if you have leads coming in, you have to make sure that you are not letting them get away. Many businesses let valuable leads get away because they do not have a process or system for managing and following up on these leads that are generated.

Here are 6 ways to create a successful customer relationship management program (CRM) to help your business flourish.

  1. Use a CRM software. Using a CRM software can help you manage your leads. Even using an spreadsheet to organize your leads and their information can help you manage your leads better. Then once you have a contact, allow them to join your mailing list, friend you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, and any other ways you have of connecting with potential customers. You do not want to try to sell to someone one time. meet up with them at every point possible.
  2. Manage Your Leads Actively. Take out a dedicated amount of time to maintain your database. It can vary from an hour a day or once a month, but spend that time maintaining your list, coming up with new coupons or specials, or work on your social media campaign.
  3. Keep Consistent Records. Create an online form on your website that people can fill out. You can also use this form for web leads by having your employees fill out the form themselves. You can then make a note of how the lead was generated. This allows you to keep consistent records and to have a single, growing database to keep track of and maintain.
  4. Follow-up With Everyone. No matter how you generate the lead, be sure to follow up with everyone. If you don’t reach them through the phone, then send them an email right away. You also want to make it easy for people to contact you. Provide your email address on your voice mail message in case that is the lead’s preferred form of communication. constantly have a way of contacting the lead and for them to contact you.
  5. Track Your Results. There is plenty of data you will want to track. Know how many people have contacted you, how they heard about you, how many return calls/emails did you make, how many of those turned into sales, and more. Some CRM software might be able to provide you with this data. You can also use Google Analytics to track the information related to your website. Once you have tracked your results, analyze the information in order to improve your conversion from leads to sales.
  6. Remember To Have Good Customer Service. Having good customer service available for potential customers can be a simple way to make or break a sale. Creating a solid relationship with every possible lead is imperative. When your company is known for good customer service techniques, then you will be able to keep and maintain your leads and customers.

CRM is an important tool in converting your leads into actual sales. Don’t let potential customers get away from you because you weren’t taking the time to follow up with all of your leads.

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