4 Ways To Use Google Webmaster Tools To Improve Your Website Search Engine Optimization

Solomon Thimothy - June 23, 2010

Once you get a website for your company up and running, you shouldn’t just forget about it. You must take some time to analyze your website, who is linking to your website, and understand the basic structure of how your website works.

Google Webmaster Tools allows webmasters to see how Google is crawling and indexing your website, if there are any problems or errors, and share information to help your Google rankings.

After adding your website to Google Webmaster Tools, there are 4 important areas that Google webmaster will show you:

  1. Links This are can show you all of the places that are linking to your website. You can improve your link building campaign by seeing who is connecting to you and how. Your links should be evenly spaced out in your link building campaign, so this can help you manage your campaign and evaluate where you need to work.
  2. Crawl Errors If search engines are having a difficult time crawling through your website, then your search engine rankings will be hurt. Use Google Webmaster Tools to see if there are any crawl errors occurring on your website and make the necessary changes to help your SEO rankings.
  3. Keywords You can also improve your SEO by seeing what keywords are highly targeted on your website. This can allow you to see if you are properly targeting the keywords you want or if you need to make changes to target other keywords.
  4. Sitemaps The sitemap section will show you how many pages of your website are currently indexed by your existing sitemap. If there are issues with your sitemap, Google Webmaster Tools will show you there.

Using Google Webmaster Tools is a simple way to understand how your website is working and ranking. It also allows you to submit your website to Google and let them know that it is open, ready, and running. Learn to use Google Webmaster Tools to improve your website and its SEO.

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