How To Improve Your Website’s Readability

Solomon Thimothy - May 18, 2010

On average, website visitors only read about 20% of the text on a page, according to a study from 2008 on web usability. With people only paying attention to such a small amount of your copy, it is important to make it all count.

After cutting down the amount of copy on your website, here are some other ways to imrprove your website’s readability.

  • Clear and Simple Language Avoid using jargin and general information. Be specific and clear. Keep paragraphs short with one idea per paragraph. Use lists with numbers or bullet points to break up information.
  • Organize Your Information Put the most important information at the top of the page and less important information toward the bototm. Also, subheads are an easy way to create a flow and guide the visitor’s eyes through the content. Make the subheads clear and to the point.
  • Carefully Use Formatted Text Using all caps, italics, and bold text is one way to emphasize certain phrases or ideas. However, overusing it can become jarring. Instead of bolding an entire paragraph, think about adding a background color to it or indenting it slightly.
  • Use Whitespace Appropriately Correctly putting space between copy can help improve reading speed and comprehension. White space helps people distinguish information and keep track of where they are on the page.

Make visiting your website simple and easy for everyone by increasing readability. It will help you convey the most important information and help visitors effectively utilize the time they are on your website.

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