3 Ways To Evaluate Your Website

Solomon Thimothy - May 17, 2010

While it is important to have a website for your business that you like, you ultimately should be creating a website that appeals to your audience.

You must learn to look at your website through the eyes of your audience. Even if your website seems perfect to you, it may not come across that way to your audience. This could mean you are pushing away potential customers from knowing about your business and what it can offer.

When looking at your website, there are three things you should focus on from the perspective of a visitor.

  1. Usability Is your website easy to navigate? Can visitors quickly get to the areas they want to get to? Have you tested your website in multiple browsers and resolutions? Does your website load quickly? Are there a lot of distractions (flashy graphics and animation) pulling attention away from the important points of your website?
  2. Content Is the content on your website clear? Is it up to date, providing visitors with correct information? When was the last time you updated the content? Is there enough information about your company and its services? Is there too much information?
  3. Search Engine Optimization SEO is a critical way to get targeted visitors to your website since many people use search engines to get the products and information they need. Do you target a specific keyword on each page? Are your page titles, link text, and images search engine optimized?

It is important to constantly evaluate your website and try to improve it. Whether you evaluate it or you ask someone else to evaluate it, your website needs to be looked at with a critical eye.
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