Use Your Search Log to Understand Website Visitors

Solomon Thimothy - May 7, 2010

Search Logs are often not included in regular analytics package, or if they are included, they are ignored. Paying attention to your website’s Search Log can help you learn more how people use your website.

Pay attention to these three aspects of your search log.

  1. Your Top Search Terms – This shows how visitors think as they explore your site. See if any of the results have any patterns relating to the calendar year. Are people searching for tax information right before tax day? Are people searching for gifts and flowers around Valentine’s Day? Once you figure out your top search terms, search for them yourself to see what pages pop up. See what users see and figure out what information is actually relevant. Also, decide if one of your top terms should instead be added to your navigation to make finding it easier for your visitors.
  2. The Pages Your Top Terms Come From – Do the majority of searches happen from your home page? Generally, users are more likely to find the content they want if they don’t use search, so the most important content needs to be visible and the information clear. Once again, consider adding a top search term to your navigation or making the page easier to find to make a visitor’s experience more enjoyable.
  3. If Top Search Terms are General or Specific – If users are searching for general categories, then that can be an indicator that your navigation is incomplete. Users may be more successful with that general term as a navigation element, not requiring a search.

After spending some time with your search log, you will be able to understand your website visitors even better. You may also learn how to better imrpove their experience with your website, leading to a better experience with your company.

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