Intelligent Mail Barcodes Help Improve Direct Mail Campaigns

Samuel Thimothy - May 6, 2010

direct mail marketingThe United States Postal Service (USPS) has recently announced that by May 2011, they will be requiring mailers to replace POSTNET™ and the PLANET Code® barcodes with Intelligent Mail® barcodes.

This will allow mailers to access USPS tracking and address change services, improve delivery of mail, increase operational efficiencies, and provide greater visibility.

Benefits of Intelligent Mail® barcodes also include automation discounts and cost savings, but Intelligent Mail® will also impact legacy systems, business unit applications, document creation, database management, marketing, call centers, billing operations and IT resources.

Intelligent Mail® barcodes enables unique identification of up to a billion mail pieces and eliminates multiple barcodes and their maintenance. This will also free up valuable real estate on your direct mail marketing pieces.

With Intelligent Mail® barcodes in place, you can gain access to USPS services that improve direct mail marketing efficiency and accuracy:

  • Destination Confirm – Outbound mail tracking and reporting of time and date.
  • Origin Confirm – Reply mail (such as payments or products) logging at the point where the return envelope enters the USPS system, giving you visibility to payments that are en route.
  • Address Change Services – Immediate access to Change of Address (COA) information, forwarded by the USPS when available. Use this address remediation service to react to address changes and update databases.

There are still some hurdles in dealing with Intelligent Mail® barcodes, including the lack of awareness throughout the printing community and much of the mailing industry about what the program is, how much it will cost to implement and the advantages to do so.

The USPS is not currently considering postage discounts for using Intelligent Mail® barcodes, but may create additional costs for not using the system or using it improperly.

If implemented in the way the USPS and mailers hope, Intelligent Mail® barcodes can be a rich source of data and information to enhance the effectiveness of direct mail marketing and advertising.

It is important to start planning and understanding Intelligent Mail® barcodes with both the implementation issues, and how the Intelligent Mail® barcodes can provide your company with unprecedented information to track your mail results. For smart mailers, the benefits will more than compensate for the burden.

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