7 Ways to Improve Your Sales and Marketing Results

Solomon Thimothy - May 5, 2010

Having an effective sales and marketing plan is crucial in order to get the results you want. Whether it is to increase brand awareness or to sell specific products or services, you should always make sure to optimize your marketing plan to get the best results possible.

  1. Know Your Customers. If you can’t identify specific information about who your customer is, you need to run a customer profile analysis. Once you figure out who they are and what they want, then you’ll be able to cater to their needs.
  2. Build Your Customer List. Having a strong customer list is a simple way to have constant contact and build a relationship with them to make them more than one-time customers. Have a good customer relationship management system (CRM) to store contact information, purchase history, marketing preferences, and personal attributes.
  3. Use Various Media Sources. Don’t be afraid to get some publicity for your business. Send press releases to your local media and trade journals. Online you can submit your press releases using tools like PRWeb and PR Newswire.
  4. Test Your Marketing Plans. Testing helps you improve your marketing campaigns by letting you know what does and doesn’t work. Test every aspect of your campaign, but be sure to only test one thing at a time.
  5. Keep Your Information Up-To-Date Information about your products and services change regularly, be sure to change it on your website. Your website is your online storefront so keep the latest and most important information on there.
  6. Optimize Your Website Search Engine Optimization helps your website be found by the people who need it the most. Instead of getting lost among the millions of websites out there, optimize your site to have it stand out and come up at the top of search engines.
  7. Look Into Social MediaSocial Media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be a simple way for you to find out what your audience thinks about your company and products. Get instant input and provide customer services for those that need it.

These simple steps will help your company optimize its marketing plan and improve its ROI.

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