Restaurant Marketing Techniques Include Menu Management

Solomon Thimothy - April 23, 2010

Many restaurants have been adjusting the look and feel of their menu in order to entice their visitors, according to an article from the New York Times. With restaurants feeling the effects of the recession, they are hoping that these adjustments will encourage people to spend a little bit more on their visits.

One change some restaurants are making is listing the prices as single digits without a dollar sign, for example listing a dish as 9 as opposed to $9 or $8.99. Restaurants are finding that a simple 9 is more friendly and manageable for visitors, and does not emphasize the fact that they are going to be spending money.

According to the article, the restaurants found which menu marketing techniques worked best through trial and error. For example, placing a pricier dish toward the top of the menu makes the rest of the options seem relatively priced. Or they may put a more appealing description for their more profitable dishes and downplay the less profitable dishes.

Another technique is to highlight specials by placing them toward the top, placing an icon next to the name or to outline them in a box to make them stand out.

These tips and tricks can be used for any basic business. Highlight your main products and services to make them stand out. Or compare your prices to a competitor’s prices to emphasize the deal customers can get from your company. Look at your marketing techniques and see if your business can benefit from a few small adjustments to make your products and services more appealing.

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