5 Ways to Join Mobile Marketing

Solomon Thimothy - April 19, 2010

One of the few untapped areas of marketing is mobile marketing. People are already using their phones for text messaging, checking email, surfing the web, and more. Mobile marketing may seem overwhelming, but there are 5 simple ways to join in the mobile market.

  1. Text Messaging There are more than 300 million cell phone users in North America and almost all of them support text messages. Your potential market is vast. Send out coupons and deals to people who sign up for your text message list. If you run a restaurant, send out your daily specials or deals to entice people to come in for lunch or dinner.
  2. Email and Social Media As smart phones become more ubiquitous, more people are checking their email, Twitter stats, and Facebook accounts throughout the day. Adjust your email and social media campaigns so they send out mobile-friendly content to make sure you don’t lose potential clients.
  3. Mobile Web More people are starting to add data plans to their devices to access the web. By creating a mobile-friendly version of your website, you are encouraging mobile web users to visit your website more often.
  4. Device Apps Creating an iPhone app can be a way of increasing brand awareness, but remember that only a fraction of mobile phone users have iPhones so you’ll want to create multiple versions of your app for Android, Blackberry, Palm, and possibly more.
  5. Mobile Ads Paid search and banner advertising are growing mobile marketplaces. As opposed to online search, mobile search has more of an urgency. The searchers are ready to take action, they need the information now. Mobile ads can include results for stores, driving directions, or a click-to-call ad to bring in a sale.

The ever-growing mobile market means there is a growing audience for mobile marketing and advertising. Take advantage of your mobile marketing opportunities today.

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