5 Ways to Treat Someone Who Unsubscribes From Your Email Newsletter

Samuel Thimothy - April 16, 2010

When someone subscribes to your mailing list, you may send them a message welcoming them or offer them a coupon for signing up. When someone unsubscribes from your mailing, you should still treat them with courtesy and respect.

By following these 5 ways of how to treat an unsubscribers, you can not only learn from them but also potentially keep them as customers.

    1. Keep Unsubscribing Simple Provide an unsubscribe link on every email you send out, and make sure they work. When they click it, they should be removed from the list immediately. People appreciate when tasks like this are simple and clear.
    2. Provide a Comment Section After someone unsubscribes from your email newsletter, have a comment section where people have the option to tell you why they decided to leave. These comments can help you improve your newsletter and reduce unsubscription rates.
    3. Leave a Friendly Note After someone has unsubscribed from your list, leave a small note saying, “We’re sorry to have you unsubscribe, but please visit again.” It is important to remain polite when people unsubscribe so you maintain a positive feeling about your company.
    4. Allow People to Re-Subscribe Ocassionally people may accidentally unsubscribe from your list, or they may quickly change their mind. Always make it possible for people to easily re-subscribe to your list.
    5. Provide Other Opportunities Even though someone has unsubscribed from your email list, they may still be interested in following you on Twitter, becoming a fan on Facebook, or subscribing to your blog’s RSS feed.

Having someone unsubscribe from your email newsletter does not mean your relationship with them has to end there. Maintaining the relationship could be as easy as learning from your mistakes and staying polite.

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