5 Ways to Create an Offer That Goes Viral

Solomon Thimothy - April 9, 2010

One of the best ways to bring in new customers is by word of mouth. When people share information about companies and businesses, their friends and colleagues see that as reliable information.

To create a viral effect, you need to do something so amazing that people will want to share it with everyone they know. Take these 5 steps to create a coupon that will go viral and drive traffic to your company.

  1. Make a Big Offer
    In order to get people’s attention you need to provide an offer that is so unbelievable that they will rush to take advantage of it and share it with all their friends. Push your limits and provide an extraordinary offer.
  2. Provide Multiple Platforms
    After someone prints a coupon, prompt them to share it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or to email it to friends. You can add a button or widget that easily allows consumers to share that coupon.
  3. Give a Small Time Frame
    When people know an offer will expire soon, it adds urgency to the campaign. They’ll be more likely to engage in the offer and share it with friends right away than if they had a month before it expires.
  4. Measure Your Data
    If you are using paid advertising to generate leads to the offer, pay attention to your data. The keywords that provide the highest number of clicks are not necessarily the same keywords that will generate people taking advantage of the offer. They more frequently you measure the data, the quicker you can optimize and create better results.
  5. Geo-target
    Use Geo-targeting in your paid advertisements to create a specific radius around your store location. People will only travel so far for a deal, so optimize the distance of you advertisements. Another option is to exclude regions to increase your optimization.

It is difficult to know exactly what campaigns will be a viral success. However, it is important to try to increase ROI and make it easy for consumers to engage and share these offers with their friends.

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