E-Commerce Website Redesign a Top Priority in 2010

Solomon Thimothy - April 2, 2010

According to the survey “Website Design Strategies and Tactics, most e-commerce websites are planning a redesign of their website in 2010.

Almost half of the e-commerce websites planning on a redesign are looking to create better organization with updated home and inner pages of their website. They are also looking for better search engine optimization and clearer navigation for the website.

About one-third of the retailers are also looking to add video or streaming media as well as customer reviews and ratings.

The main reason given by retailers for the redesign is to increase sales and attract new shoppers.

It is important to keep your e-commerce websites up-to-date and easy to navigate. If the website isn’t appealing to consumers then it will become even more difficult to make your products and services appealing. Make sure your e-commerce website is up-to-date in design and technology to keep potential customers interested.

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