A Slow-Loading Website Could Be Ruining Your SEO

Solomon Thimothy - March 31, 2010

Google has recently decided that page-loading speed will be included in its algorithm for its search engine. This means that websites that take longer to load will be penalized by getting a lower ranking.

If your website has a lot that it needs to load, there is a chance that people will become impatient and leave your website before it finishes. They’ll be more likely to visit a different search result that loads faster and gives them the information they need.

Also, a slow-loading website often means that there is a lot of coding involved. All of this coding makes it more difficult for search engines to comb your website and find the relevant information.

First, make sure you have a quality web host. Going the economical route with your hosting provider could also mean less available bandwidth and speed available for your website.

Google offers a free tool, Google Page Speed, that helps show exactly how quickly your website loads and what it can do ot imrpove your website.

Also, try to remove any unnecessary media from your website homepage, like animation and audio. Put any videos on a separate page if it is significantly reduces your page load speed.

Creating a faster-loading website could be a simple step to boosting your natural search engine ranking and bringing in more potential clients.

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