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bijoy - March 17, 2010

As a full service marketing agency, it’s kind of hard not to notice the marketing efforts utilized by the businesses around us. It’s great to see campaigns being launched and creativity being stretched. So we thought it would be interesting to make this a regular thing and see what companies are doing to help grow their business and increase their exposure.

Today’s featured business: Apple

I was bound to write an article about Apple at some point. It’s like writing an article about the power of social media, and then leaving out Facebook and Twitter –it’s unacceptable. I remember being in Junior High School and playing the games Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego on the old Macs at school. This is back when Apple’s logo was this multicolored ‘Apple,’ and that was about all anyone really remembered about it.

Now 15 years or so later, Apple has become a culture of its own. They spend millions on very intelligent and memorable TV commercials. They literally take their Macs and go head to head with PCs right on the screen.

There is no doubt that Apple’s best selling point is that they have great products, but the true skill in their marketing is that they have developed a following or as the marketing industry would call them, brand advocates. People are lined up waiting expectantly for the next big unveiling. Does it even matter if the individual actually needs an iPad, iMac, or any of the versions of the iPhone? It almost seems that Apple has marketed itself so powerfully that they don’t have to sell their products by any traditional avenues; people just want to have it. Tech geeks and non-tech geeks alike want to be part of this technologically advanced culture. Apple is one of the few companies that have live forums to unveil their products. Consumers are logged on to videos and following blogs and articles as if the country was about to announce the next President of the United States.

Apple is clearly run by smart business people.

Take the iPhone, for example. I’m sure that Apple could have made the first version so amazing and advanced that it would be years before a new version was out, but of course that wouldn’t be smart business. So they give pieces of it out to the public, and then start adding more and more as each version is unveiled. They feed our technological addictions with a whole lot of sweetness.

Take Away:

If you are in the consumer market, figure out how to create brand advocates. What your business needs is not only new customers, but dedicated, passionate, repeat customers. Keep them coming back for more. Find a way to differentiate yourself from your competition. Provide something of serious value. Create a culture.

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