5 Ways to Improve SEO for your eCommerce Website

Solomon Thimothy - March 3, 2010

Improving your sales through better search engine optimization can be hard. Using repetitive product descriptions and a lack of products and content are difficult things to overcome. However, there are 5 simple ways retail websites can adjust their website to maximize their search engine optimization.

  1. Add new content to the website. While it is important to show off your products, you also need content-based pages. These will not only be informative, but it will optimize your site for search engines and help engage customers. Some possible ideas are adding customer success stories, creating a blog with relevant news, tips, and product information, or including a resource section with relevant white papers.
  2. Eliminate repetitive copy. When you offer similar, but slightly different, products, the descriptions can get repetitive. However, duplicate content gets penalized by search engines. Highlight the distinguishing characteristics that set your products apart as opposed to repeating yourself throughout your website. Also, make sure keyword phrases aren’t repeated too much throughout the site.
  3. Bring traffic to static pages of your site. While adding new pages can help with SEO, removing it too quickly does not because it takes time for search engines to index content. Instead, bring traffic to static pages as opposed to pages that are constantly changing and rotating. Focus on product category pages as opposed to individual product pages that are always changing.
  4. Optimize PDF product catalogs. If you upload a PDF of your catalog to your website, you can optimize these as well to help with your SEO marketing efforts. You can create text-based PDFs that search engines can read. You can also optimize them like you would a webpage by incorporating keywords in headlines, copy, meta descriptions and text hyperlinks. You should also include smaller PDFs to make sure search engines (and customers) don’t leave before viewing everything.
  5. Make your images search engine optimized. Images are another section of websites that many people do not realize can be search engine optimized. Include alt text, optimize captions to improve rankings. Also, images found on search engines could possibly be shared and linked to, adding to your rankings.

Optimizing your eCommerce website can help bring in potential customers who need and want your products, but didn’t realize your company existed. Get your website search engine optimized today to improve your sales.

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