7 Ways to Tell If Your Website Needs a Redesign

Solomon Thimothy - February 25, 2010

With more people searching and researching companies on the web and making their purchasing decisions online, your website could easily be the first thing a potential customer sees about your business. Having a corporate website design that hasn’t been updated in years conveys that your company doesn’t belong in 2010.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, it’s imperative to keep your website up-to-date. There are a few simple ways you can see if it is time for you to revamp your website.

  1. Lack of intelligent reporting and analytics – Your website is a powerful medium through which you can engage your audience. If you have the appropriate tools, you can access intelligent information about your visitors, user behavior, traffic trends and patterns. In today’s highly competitive market place, solutions that give you insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness is crucial. If you cannot tell how many people visited your site, how they got there, how long they stayed and what was the end result of their visit, it’s time for you to consider a redesign. Remember, your website is the equivalent of a sales person who is active around-the-clock. When you are investing in a dynamic website, you are in fact investing in your  business.
  2. Your style is outdated – Your website should be informative, not distracting. Clip art, flashing animation, outdated colors, and distracting backgrounds are all guilty practices many websites fall into. Look at your website as if you were seeing your company for the first time. It is best to keep the site clean, simple, and modern to appeal to potential customers.
  3. Your technology is outdated – As technology continually evolves, it is important to keep the technology on your site up to date. What browser are people using to view your site? Do they render properly on the mobile phones or the most recent and popular browsers? Are your visitors using smart phones to view your site? Are all your links and pictures working correctly? These are just the basic questions you need to continually ask to make your website user-friendly.
  4. Your site is hard to navigate – The layout of your site should be user friendly. It should be easy to use and look at. Customers should be able to easily find what they are looking for without clicking around a lot. They should also naturally be led to other parts of the website.
  5. There’s no reason to return – If the information on your website is static, then there is no reason for people to come back to it. Repeat visits, along with new traffic, is an easy way to increase your sales. Add specials or coupons regularly. Also, highlight the new products or services you offer. You could even add a blog that you update regularly with industry-related information that keeps people interested.
  6. The website doesn’t rank on search engines – There are people out there who need your products and services but don’t know your company exists. If your website isn’t showing up on search engines like Google and Bing, then it is even harder for these potential clients to find you. You might need to update the text on your site to include important keywords and become search engine optimized. A few adjustments can bring your website to the first page of the search engines.
  7. Your site doesn’t represent your company – It is possible that your company has grown or changed since you first launched your website. You might have changed your products and services or updated your logo and colors. Your website should represent your company well. Highlight your awards, share your success, and show that your company is doing well with a site that displays that prominently.

It might be time for your company to redesign your website and tap into a whole new market of people online. Put your best foot forward online and provide a website that draws people to your company and makes them want to work with you.

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