The Scope: Looking at the Marketing Around Us – CLEAR

Solomon Thimothy - February 23, 2010

As a full service marketing agency, it’s kind of hard not to notice the marketing efforts utilized by the businesses around us. It’s great to see campaigns being launched and creativity being stretched. So we thought it would be interesting to make this a regular series and see what companies are doing to help grow their business and increase their exposure.

Today’s featured business: Clear

In the last few months, I’ve had three different Clear sales agents stop by our office. Clear has taken the city by storm with its 4G WiMax technology and affordable rate plans. Technology is constantly advancing, and as new competitors start entering the technology and mobile internet game, there are two approaches to getting a fair share of the market: some companies like to make their dollars stretch and enter the market slow and steady, and others like to come through with a command and conquer mindset.

Clear has obviously chosen the latter of the two.

It is amazing how they have branded themselves and launched their business via every marketing channel available. Not only do they have sales people going door-to-door personally meeting with businesses, but local radio stations are promoting them, and TV commercials are reaching millions. Clear has come to Chicago and saturated the market. There is no doubt that the company is continuing to spend some big budgets on their marketing. I searched ‘Wireless Internet’ on Google, and sure enough Clear was showing up on the top page in the paid advertisements. They are definitely spending money on Pay-Per-Click. It is actually very impressive how aggressive and bold Clear has been on their efforts to make their presence known. The company even has multiple URL’s for increased effectiveness on the web.

Take Away:
In a market that is already increasing in competition, go big or go home. In any new business, the marketing dollars have to be the highest at the beginning, so plan the funding accordingly and enter with confidence.

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