Separate your Email Newsletter by Engagement

Solomon Thimothy - February 18, 2010

Segmenting your the email list for your email newsletter is the easiest way to improve the conversion on your email marketing campaigns. The more engaged a subscriber is, the more committed they are to your company. They would require a different message than someone who never opens your message.

There are three general categories you can use to segment your email list based on engagement.

  1. Engaged Subscribers These are people who click on your emails recently and frequently. These people want your emails and will respond to offers. This should be your main focus.
  2. Semi-Engaged These are people who do not always open your emails and have not visited your website recently. Reduce the frequency for this group and focus on developing your relationship with these customers. When they are ready for your products and services, they will move into the ‘engaged’ group.
  3. Disengaged These people haven’t opened your emails in a long time, possibly months or years. The best thing to do is to ask them if they would like to stay on your email list. If they don’t respond, then remove them from your list.

Segmenting your email list will help you customize your message to keep it relevant to your subscribers. When your content is relevant to them, they’ll respond.

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