What Your Data Is Telling You About Your Email Campaign

Solomon Thimothy - January 27, 2010

When running a new email marketing campaign or strategy, it is important to pay attention to your data to see if it is successful. This is the best way to make sure that you aren’t wasting your time, money, and energy on an email campaign that isn’t bringing you any leads. There are a few areas you should pay attention.

  • How much a message is opened. People who are frequently opening your messages are the ones who are the most engaged in your company and brand. See if there is a pattern between your frequent openers and use that to target more people.
  • Where people click. This data can help you figure out if link placement has an effect on its popularity. If the first link in your email messages are always then keep that in mind for future messages.
  • The most popular links. See if there is a pattern in the content of your popular links. It’ll help you better understand what people want from your email campaigns.
  • How many times a link is clicked. Multiple clicks could be a good or bad sign depending on the type of link. If it is a link that goes to a website, then that could mean it is a link that has content worth multiple visits. However, if it is a link for a download, it could mean that people are having a difficult time downloading the file.

Providing personalized, targeted, and relevant information for your subcsribers is the most effective way to use your email campaigns. Analyze your data to make sure that goal is met.

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