Landing Page Errors to Avoid

Solomon Thimothy - January 26, 2010

Creating an effective and creative pay-per-click campaign for your company that people click is only half of the battle. The other half is creating an appealing landing page that turns visitors into customers.

But having major mistakes on your landing page can drive away potential customers that you worked hard to draw to your website. Here are a few mistakes that can drive people away.

  • Spelling Errors – Something as basic as a spelling error can easily drive away potential customers. A spelling error makes your website seem unprofessional. If you cannot be cautious with your own website, how can clients trust you to be careful with their services?
  • Missing Keywords – If your banner ads or other online marketing campaigns offer a specific service, make sure the landing page highlights that service. There is a specific reason why the visitor clicked on your ad, so make sure they don’t have to hunt around to find out more information. Make sure the contact information is prominent. The offer is irresistible. The call to action is clear.
  • Expired OffersA great way to get people interested in your services and products is to offer coupons and special offers. However, if your special is only running for a certain amount of time, be sure to either update the information or remove the page completely after the expiration date. You are not only wasting money by keeping that offer live, but people who were excited by that specific offer might be too disappointed to see that it is over to consider you for anything else.

An appealing and appropriate landing page is an important step in converting visitors into customers. Make sure these simple mistakes don’t make you lose potential clients.

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OneIMS is a Chicago Web Design Company as well as a technology-based marketing service provider. We specialize in integrated marketing solutions such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-click advertisements and email marketing. We employ cross-media marketing solutions that are designed to deliver results. Some of those solutions are Variable Data Printing, Personalized URLs and custom Landing Pages and triggered emails.

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