Green Marketing Makes A Difference in Marketing Campaigns

Solomon Thimothy - January 22, 2010

Going Green may seem like it is a phrase that companies claim, but it might help your marketing campaign. Green marketing is more effective than most marketers realize, according to a survey by Environmental Leader.

The survey, which looked at green marketing, found that marketers who experimented with green messages in their marketing campaigns found it more effective than the usual marketing campaigns. 33% of respondents said green marketing was more effective than their normal marketing efforts, with just 7% saying it was less effective.

More than 80% of these companies also indicated they expect to spend more on green marketing in the future.

The most popular medium for green marketing was the internet, with about 74% spending money online, followed by print, radio and TV, and mobile.

There are multiple ways that companies are becoming more environmentally friendly as well. The most popular actions are conserving energy in operations and changing products to reflect greener values (such as changing ingredients, packaging or intended use).

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