Click-to-Call Coming to Ads on Mobile Devices with Google AdWords

Solomon Thimothy - January 11, 2010

pay-per-clickGoogle AdWords will display location-specific business phone numbers with destination urls in ads on high-end mobile devices starting this month. This way, viewers can click-to-call businesses the same way they click the url to visit websites.

The phone number and closest business address will appear as a fifth line of ad text when the ad appears on mobile devices with full HTML browsers, like the iPhone, Nexus One, Android, Palm WebOS.

Results can be seen on the Campaign Summary page within AdWords from the “click type” segment option under the “Filter and Views” drop down. The cost of a click to call your business will be the same as the cost of a click to visit your website.

Businesses interested in showing location-specific phone numbers when displayed on mobile devices need to make sure that your campaign is targeting iPhones and other mobile devices with full HTML browsers, and that you have included phone numbers with your business addresses in the locations under your Campaign settings.

This is an optional add-on. Comapnies can opt-out by removing the phone number from the business listings included in campaigns targeting mobile devices.

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