Adjust Your Search Marketing Techniques for you Business-to-Business (B2B) Company

Solomon Thimothy - January 8, 2010

B2B MarketingBusiness-to-Business (B2B) markets are different from the usual markets. It is generally smaller, the sales cycles are longer, and the products are more complex. This means that B2B marketers need to have different strategies for their search marketing techniques. Here are a few ways B2B search marketers can maximize their results.

A B2B company’s sales cycle is much longer. The real work is not having a prospective client find your website, but converting that to a sale. It is important to spend an equal amount of time on search engine rankings and the conversion rate of their site.

Visitors will often stay longer on your site if it provides information needed to evaluate the company and its services. Remember to use your analytics to see what pages were clicked, how long people looked at each page, and the clickthrough rates on your calls to action.

The longer sales cycle also means B2B companies need to have a larger and more diverse set of target keywords. People will be using different terms and keywords depending on where they are in the cycle.

TopRank Online Marketing found that people at the beginning of the cycle use issue- or problem-based terms in their searches. But people ready to buy use typically use solution-based terms – either general or exact product names – in their searches. So B2B organizations need to include both specific product terms and issue-based terms to be the most successful.

B2B search marketing has a different focus and target than most consumer-based search marketing. Evaluate your website to see if you are getting the most you can.

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