How Optimizing Your Website Can Help You Keep Your Edge on the Web

Solomon Thimothy - December 30, 2009

optimizing landing pagesHaving a website and a presence on cyberspace doesn’t mean you’ll succeed, not in today’s competitive world of marketing.  While an online presence is key, you have to do more than just have a web address to keep your edge.

Once you have a web address, you need to market yourself on all fronts.  This involves optimizing your website through either Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or by using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) technologies to drive more traffic to your site.  Yes, this is the equivalent of putting up a banner or awning outside your brick-and-mortar store telling a passerby who you are.

SEO requires tactfully introducing searchable keywords into the content of your website pages to make them more enticing for search engine spider robots.  The more relevant and targeted your content, the easier it is for them to find you and the higher the ranking they give you.  PPC works in a similar fashion although they act more like direct advertisements for your site.

Whether you are using one or the other, or a combination of both, its crucial to include them in your marketing strategy.  Optimizing your website with either of these search engine marketing tools is ideal and can be made even more effective by using landing pages.  Custom Landing Pages, direct links to promotions from search engine ads or results, allow you to channel your optimization efforts in a simpler way.  Instead of trying to optimize your entire website, you can focus on optimizing individual landing pages.  This is especially useful if your industry is a highly competitive one.

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