Maximize Your E-mail Marketing Results

Solomon Thimothy - December 29, 2009

emailBy now, you’ve become accustomed to a variety of e-mail marketing tactics.  Small and large companies alike are using  e-mail marketing to engage their audience and to grow their sales.  The truth is that blasting an e-mail to everyone on your compiled client/prospect lists is not necessarily going to yield any results.

The key to maximizing your conversions and improving the effectiveness of your e-mail campaigns is to have a strategic plan.  First, analyze the data you collected from previous campaigns.  By using behavior-based targeting, the likelihood of having better conversions is much greater.  Instead of sending your e-mail offers to those who never bother to open your e-mails or simply delete them, target those who actually do read your e-mails, click on your ads or those who have previously purchased your services or products.

Another key element is to do multichannel marketing integration.  While it may seem redundant, the fact that you are reproducing your campaign in different mediums, say an e-mail and a personalized direct mail piece, gives your recipients an extra push to seek you out.  When constant messages are repeated, people tend to react better and faster.  That’s why multichannel integration really effective.

Likewise, using market segmentation is essential.  In order to make your offers and promotions more relevant to your recipients, you have to send the right message to the right audience.  That means that if you’re a clothing retailer, you should send male-oriented promotions and offers to males on your e-mail list and female-oriented promotions to females.

Another way to maximize the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing campaigns is to target your brand advocates and taking advantage of their social networks.  Social networks are the new word of mouth marketing.  If your e-mail campaigns offer a special promotion, make sure you integrate social media network capabilities as well.  This will allow you to share your message not just with your recipients but also with their own network of friends online.  It’s basically having your recipients spread the word for you.

The world of e-mail marketing is becoming more complex as more and more companies are taking advantage of this tool.  In order to stay afloat and get the most of e-mail marketing you need to have a clear strategy that will maximize your response rates.  At OneIMS, our experienced e-mail marketing team will help you develop a strategy to get you the results you want.  To get started call 1-888-ONE-IMS-1 today.

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