How Landing Pages Make a Difference

Solomon Thimothy - December 28, 2009

landing-pageIt seems that everyone’s talking about landing pages these days.  So you already have a website, why create a landing page?  Isn’t that just like having a one-page website in addition to your current website?  Not exactly.

A landing page is a page that directly contains the content your visitor/customer is looking for.  This may mean that it’s a direct link to a promotion off your e-mail marketing campaign or newsletter, search engine advertisement or even a direct link from a directory or other related website.  The great advantage of landing pages is that your visitors get the information they need immediately to make a purchase or respond to your intended call to action.

According to research by Avenue A/Razorfish, only 30% of consumers begin their purchase cycle on a retail site, compared to 54% who start at a search engine.  That means that consumers aren’t necessarily thinking of your company or business as being able to provide the service or product they need.  Instead, they do general searches online and click on the most prominent ads or results.  This is where landing pages come into play.  While your company may offer a variety of products, a landing page allows you to identify and feature a single product or service at a time. This approach significantly improves the conversion rate and your return on investment.

Getting your message across instantaneously is key to improving your marketing results as the attention-span of online shoppers is incredibly short. Having accompanying landing pages allow you to provide the most relevant message when your prospect is looking for it.

A landing page is especially important when implementing e-mail marketing campaigns.  Once your recipient receives your offer via e-mail they want to get to your product or offer instantly.  They don’t want to sift through all the information on your website to find it.  Custom landing pages directly address your offers or promotions to increase conversion rates.

Landing pages are also a great lead generation tool. You could strategically use a landing  page to capture leads and qualify them before forwarding to your sales staff.

Overall, landing pages increase conversions and total ROI. It helps you to segment your target audience and test different offers and messages to see what works best so you can make the appropriate adjustments to improve their effectiveness.

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