Don’t Let the Lack of an Online Presence Keep your Business Down

Solomon Thimothy - December 23, 2009

19160778Having an online storefront means you’re always open for business

Unlike other months, December is a critical month for just about any retailer.  According to the U.S. Census bureau, retailers’ sales during this busy month account for 15-24% of their total annual sales.  Besides Black Friday, the busiest shopping time during the year is the weekend right before Christmas. Typically, the Saturday before Christmas represents $15 billion worth of sales for retailers.

This year, the United States East Coast was badly hit by a snowstorm that brought some areas up to two feet of snow, dashing the hopes of many retailers. With the loss of public transportation and road access, many retailers were forced to shut down.

While small retailers with only brick and mortar stores stand to loose in such situations, there are still other clear winners.  Trapped at home with nowhere to go, shoppers turn to online retailers, benefiting all those retailers with a prominent online presence.

If your business still does not have a prominent online presence, you are loosing a sizable market that prefers, and at times is forced to, shop online.  Whether your business sells just a handful of products or hundreds, having an online storefront means you’re always open for business without regard to weather or time of day.  Not even your best salesperson can overcome that potential.  With a relatively minimal cost, you can create a loyal salesperson that keeps on making sales, even when you sleep!

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