Help Your Business Grow By Staying In Tune With Your Customers in 2010

Solomon Thimothy - December 22, 2009

Keeping your current clientele happy can often be the easiest way to help your business grow in the next year. However, it is important to constantly keep in touch with your client base and know exactly what clients enjoy, want, and need from you in order to stay loyal to your company.

An easy way to get direct responses to what your customers enjoy and need is to do an online survey. They are often the most efficient forms of feedback that also strengthens your relationship with your customers. You can not only see how you’re doing from another perspective, but it also allows your customers to feel as if they have a say in your company.

Here are 3 different ways to encourage dialogue with your customers.

    • Regular Feedback
      This allows your customers to give feedback at any time without prompting them. This can help if they are ever dissatisfied, you can learn about it and fix it right away. For this, keep static links to online surveys constantly available on your website, in your e-mail newsletters, social media sites, and anywhere else you communicate with your customers. Keep it simple with links that say, “Provide suggestions” or “Help us improve” or even just “Feedback.”


    • Action-Driven Feedback
      This provides opportunities to give feedback after an action occurred. For example, send out a survey after a purchase, seminar, redesign of your site, a new product, ect.


  • Periodic Feedback
    This option is where you send out a survey every month or so. The best options are often monthly or quarterly. Use these surveys to measure customer satisfaction overall, test out new services and products, or to gain brand and competitor insights. It is often best to have these surveys occur along with your other communication going out to avoid overwhelming your clients.

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