5 Marketing Mistakes Companies Make

Solomon Thimothy - December 1, 2009

5 marketing mistakes companies make


If you feel like your company has had multiple marketing efforts, but none are turning out to be successful, it can be easy to be left disappointed with low sales. However, it is important to note that each marketing effort you make should not be disconnected. Each step should be working with the other in a way that requires planning and consistency.

These 5 mistakes are common to many companies who aren’t seeing the turn around from their marketing campaigns they want.

    • Marketing without a strategy
      You shouldn’t believe that your product will market itself, or that you don’t have a target market for your product and services. Limiting your target market is not limiting opportunities. You must define a target market to the people who are the most relevant to your company.To be effective, create a description of each product and service you offer, research your competition, and identify what your competitive advantage is. Since it is impossible to marketing everything to everyone, play up those characteristics to your target clients. Choose only marketing avenues that will work with your products and your potential clients.


    • Inconsistency with your brand
      It is tempting to change your company’s position depending on the audience or marketing avenue used. However, this will lead to a confused audience who doesn’t know what your company does or can offer. Brand awareness is only built by constantly and consistently communicating your company’s position and identity every time. Use language that clearly defines who you are and how you are different from your competition.


    • Not integrating marketing with sales
      If your marketing team and sales team are creating separate presentations, your customers will end up with mixed messages. There should be clear integration between sales and marketing to stop any lost revenue opportunities and wasted expenses. Have your sales team work with any marketing planning, and receive feedback on any new marketing campaigns. Without uniting sales and marketing efforts, your strategies are only realizing one-half of the equation. Integrate to gain the buy-in and support necessary to generate sales.


    • Marketing something you don’t deliver
      Do not waste time and efforts by creating compelling materials for a company product or service if you cannot handle the new demands. If you do not have the manpower, skill sets, or the product/service isn’t available yet then your customers will quickly become upset. Be sure to create a plan for steps each member will need to take for this new product or service.


  • Not effectively using the marketing mix
    You should not focus only on one marketing avenue, like like direct mail, advertising, public relations, or cold calling, to promote yourself and your services. Instead, use a variety of these services together. Choose a mix that caters to your target audience, and make sure you have coverage across multiple areas and channels. The variety of vehicles working together will build awareness and generate leads at an exponentially higher rate than any one vehicle alone can accomplish.

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