How to Make Social Media Work For You

Solomon Thimothy - November 17, 2009

how to make social media work for you

With everyone jumping on the social media bandwagon, it is easy to get caught up in the hype and lose focus. Tapping into social media requires more than just a single idea, it requires an effective plan to help your company and brand create opportunities for community and engagement. Follow these tips to help you get started on your social media campaign.

    • Create a vision
      Develop an idea of what you want your brand or company to be in social media. Will you be offering special deals or coupons? Is it to personalize your brand? What is the message you want to get across? Then think about these answers in terms of what platforms you will be using. Think about the specific tweets you will post or videos you will upload to YouTube. These initial brainstorms will help you stay focused.


    • State clear goals
      Be specific about what you want to achieve through social media. You shouldn’t join social networking sites just because everyone else is doing it. Do you want to increase sales, interact with customers, or just reinforce marketing campaigns? Whatever it is, figuring out specific goals will make it more likely for you to achieve them.


    • Identify what you will consider a success
      When identifying what you consider a success, also figure out the specific way you will be able to measure this. If your goal is to increase awareness on a specific campaign, measure the number of fans or followers, any video views or interactions with the site. Also, have analytics in place so you can track on-the-page site interactions and monetary value.


    • Combine efforts
      Work your social media efforts in with your marketing campaigns and have them help each other out. Integrating social media with offline marketing can help create buzz for your new products or receive feedback before you publicly launch a new feature. You can also use SEO to help your social media content rank higher.


  • Have enough resources
    Working on social media sites requires time and resources. You can’t just open an account and just leave it alone, it requires regular updates. Investing time and interacting with your audience helps grow the conversation. Make sure there are specific people who’s job it is to update all your social media networks before getting started.

Social media can be a highly effective way to help expand brand awareness and bring more eyes to your company. However, without the proper planning it can backfire and end up working against you. For more information on how social media sites function or to create your own social media presence, contact OneIMS at 1-888-ONE-IMS1.

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