5 Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Business

Solomon Thimothy - November 11, 2009

5 Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Business

The holiday season is upon us and now is a great time to establish new relationships as well as build on existing ones. Holiday sales can also help boost your business.

    1. Send out holiday cards or ecards.
      Small businesses can help build relationships with their existing clientele by sending out holiday cards. It could help remind clients about your business if they haven’t worked with you in some time. It can also add a personal touch to your company.


    1. Show reviews and ratings for products and services.
      When people are shopping online, they do take into account what other poeple have to say about your products and services. According to the September 2007 JupiterResearch/Ipsos Insight Consumer Survey, 66% of online shoppers use other purchasers’ recommendations when buying online. Including reviews will help increase sales.


    1. Offer a free gift or discount.
      Giving out a gift after spending a certain amount or a general discount is a simple way to draw people in. Even offering free shipping will encourage people to buy your products compared to another company.


    1. Provide options for varying price ranges and people.
      Show your customers a variety of options can help make their holiday shopping experience easier. Give suggestions of purchases they can make for family members versus friends. Or show them what they can get within a certain price range.


  1. Donate to charity.
    While this should be something done out of the goodness of your own heart, donating a portion of your proceeds or profits during the holiday season might encourage people to use your website. The spirit of giving is emphasized this time of year and people are always looking for any way they can to help out.

This holiday season, market your business to increase and strengthen your company’s reach. The experts at OneIMS will guide you through a variety of available options to help you that fits within your budget. For more information, contact OneIMS today at 1-888-ONE-IMS-1.

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