How to Tweet Better

Solomon Thimothy - October 21, 2009

how to tweet better

Now that you’ve created a following on Twitter, it’s important that you make the most out of your newly found marketing avenue. Here are a few simple rules of thumb to help you create a trusted twitter account.

    1. Don’t Hide Behind Your Tweets
      Perhaps the most important rule about tweeting is letting your followers know who you are. Readers want to be assured that you are indeed a real person. Don’t be afraid of creating posts and revealing your identity. In fact, this will make you a more credible source. Regardless of whether you are the top dog in the company or just an employee, your tweets are valuable and if you expect to round up a large following, you need to reveal who you are. No one trusts a mystery person, so don’t be one.
    2. Be Human About It
      Being on Twitter doesn’t mean that you are always tweeting with a business strategy. Channel Scott Monty of Ford Motor Co. and give a human touch to your tweets. It does not necessarily need to be strictly business all the time. As Monty puts it, social media outlets allow companies to reveal a more “human” side. It’s okay to be a bit silly or to tweet about normal things.
    3. Get to Know Your Followers
      The point of tweeting is creating followers and pitching new ideas to them as well as receiving feedback. In order for your pitches or your feedback to be valuable, you need to get to know your followers. While you tweet, make sure you get to know your followers. By creating thoughtful questions and collecting demographics, your tweets will be immensely valuable.

Keep on tweeting but remember these key rules to make sure your tweets don’t go unnoticed. For more help on creating useful tweets or to learn how you can incorporate Twitter into your marketing plan, contact a marketing expert at OneIMS by calling 1-888-ONE-IMS1.

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