Video Marketing Essentials

Solomon Thimothy - October 19, 2009

video marketing essentials

The new digital era is keeping everyone on their toes. One of the most recent and frequently used forms of digital media is video marketing. While video marketing used to be something that only large companies could afford to do, with a decent budget, smaller companies are jumping on board.

Before you jump into making your video piece, make sure you keep a couple of things in mind. First, you want to clearly define the purpose of your video. Is it an advertising opportunity? An endorsement? New product/service introduction? Product demonstration? Whichever the purpose of your video, make sure you stay true to it.

Next, assess the overall length of your video. While length depends on the purpose of your video, keep in mind that people have short spans and creating a 10 minute video will not only be costly, but people will most likely tune out after the first minute or two. So keep it short and concise.

Surely the most challenging part of creating a video is creating a video that is engaging and entertaining. Whatever your purpose is, make sure you keep your viewers’ attention. When creating a video, think of what you would be interested in seeing. If the tune of your video seems boring, it will most likely seem boring to others as well.

Remember that your video gives you just a few seconds or minutes to get your message across, so make sure its done right. For help creating and launching a video for your own website or for posting on other video sites, contact a marketing specialist at OneIMS by calling 1-888-ONE-IMS1.

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