How Social Media Can Help You Increase Visibility and Credibility

Solomon Thimothy - October 16, 2009

social media visibility

It all started just a few years ago with Facebook. While it began as a private social networking site, Facebook has served as a template for a variety social networking sites that are becoming ever more popular not just among users but also marketing experts. Today, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Bebo, LinkIn. and MySpace are just a few of the many online social networking options available.

You may ask, “Why bother?” There is a reason why major companies are using them. Next time you’re visiting a website look for a “follow us on Facebook” or similar message alerting you to join some sort of social networking site. The reason? By increasing “followers,” companies hope to bring more attention to themselves and ultimately increase sales.

Here’s how it works. The average person is much more prone to purchase a brand or product if there is a testimony, review, or comment about it. This is especially true if the person reviewing, recommending, or providing a positive testimony is a person you trust, such as a friend or colleague. It acts just like an endorsement. This is especially useful when you are running a promotion.

Very importantly, social networks are viral. That means that if someone comes across your promotion, it can be sent to infinitely many other people thus increasing the reach of your message. Increasing followers also increases brand awareness.

Social networking sites are here to stay. So make sure you’re not loosing out by not being “social.” For more help on getting connected with social networking sites, contact your marketing expert at OneIMS. Call us today at 1-888-ONE-IMS1.

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