5 E-mail Marketing Mistakes that will ruin your campaign

Solomon Thimothy - September 30, 2009

email marketing mistakes


You’ve gotten people to sign up for your e-mail newsletter, but now it is time to make sure you keep them and utilize them. Here are 5 common mistakes made that can hinder your e-mail marketing campaign.

    1. Obscure From Label – Keep your “from” label recognizable and consistent. If subscribers don’t recognize your “from” label, they won’t hesitate to delete your e-mail and mark it as spam without even opening it.


    1. Bad Subject Lines – Not only will a good subject line catch your readers attention, but it’ll also make sure you stay out of the Spam folder. Avoiding too much punctuation, capitalized words, and repetition are ways to make sure your e-mail isn’t automatically spammed. Your subject line should be short, direct and be exactly what your e-mail is about.


    1. Bad Copy – You need to do more than run spell check on the copy you have in your e-mails. Read and reread what you have written to make sure that it is clear, makes sense, and doesn’t make any common grammatical errors (“to” vs. “too” etc.).


    1. Bad Coding – It doesn’t matter how nice and fancy your e-mails look if your subscribers can’t see them or it takes work for them to see it. Keep images to a minimum as many e-mail providers block them. If you do include images, don’t make them larger than 600 pixels. If viewing your e-mail is too much work, people will be more likely to unsubscribe to it.


  1. Difficult to Unsubscribe – While it might seem backwards to make the unsubscribe button easy to find, it is actually required by law. It also makes you seem less like SPAM if you make it clear that people can opt-out if they really wanted to.

Avoid these easily-made mistakes in your e-mail campaigns to make sure you keep your subscribers.

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