Tips For A New Blog Part 1: Getting Started

Solomon Thimothy - September 22, 2009

writing a new blog

Starting a new blog can be another simple step toward raising your brand or company’s awareness online. However, if you’ve never taken part in blogging before, it can be an overwhelming experience. Here are some basic tips to getting your blog started.

    • Easy URL
      Many people don’t think too hard about their username when creating an account for the first time. However, this is one element of your site that can easily bring in more traffic. Use your company name if available or make it related to what the subject of your blog will be.


    • Design
      The first thing someone will notice when they come to your blog is the design. Is it easy to navigate through the posts? Is the site easy to read and professional looking? Are there too many advertisements distracting readers from the actual content? While it might be hard to hit a perfect balance, you don’t want to turn people away from a solid blog just because it was visually unappealing.


    • Solid Content
      The most important part of your blog is its content. This will be the number one reason why people like or dislike your blog. Make your content original, but related to your area of expertise. Solid writing will always trump any other aspect of your site.


  • Update regularly
    It can be hard for some people to find interesting and innovative things to say every single day, but keeping your blog updated regularly will guarantee that people will come back to your site frequently. If you only seem to update sporadically, then your readers will quickly lose interest in your blog. Make it a point in the beginning to update around 2-3 times a week and on consistent days (e.g. every Tuesday and Thursday). This way your readers will not only know that you’ll be coming up with new content, but they can look forward to exactly when.

With these beginning steps, you can create a blog that will help promote yourself and your company. Stay tuned for part 2 to find out how to get more readers once you’ve started your blog.

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