Not Rain, Not Sleet, Not Snow can stop your Message: Reasons why Direct Mail Marketing is still a great way to go

Solomon Thimothy - September 17, 2009

direct mail marketing

More and more people are looking at print media less and less. Newspapers and magazines sales are on the slide and people are turning to the Internet and their iPhones for news and information. However, direct mail marketing continues to be relevant.

    • Direct mail marketing is guaranteed to get in front of a pair of eyes

One thing that still remains constant is the daily trip to the mailbox. People will always go looking for the latest bill to pay or package they ordered. It’s the next best thing to a captive audience – you’re guaranteed to get in front of a pair of eyes.

    • Direct mail marketing is an inexpensive way to get to know a neighborhood.

Like politics, advertising begins at the local level. There is no better way to gauge the kind of local business you can get than by sending out a coupon in a direct mail. Direct mails are inexpensive so your profit margins can be big if just a small percentage takes advantage of them.

    • Direct mail marketing last longer than other forms of advertising

Some people refer to direct mails as “coffee table ads” because they tend to sit around, as opposed to Internet ads which are gone once the page is clicked off or magazine ads which are closed and forgotten. Direct mailers are one of the few ads that are saved so they can pay dividends long after ad views in other mediums have hit a plateau.

If you want to advertise on a strict budget, direct mail marketing can show you the biggest bang for your buck. Get started on getting your company known to local neighborhoods right away.

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