Welcome New E-mail Subscribers

Solomon Thimothy - September 16, 2009


welcome emailCreating an automatic e-mail to welcome new e-mail subscribers to your list is an important way to create a connection. It is an easy way to remind your of what they will be gaining by joining your e-mail list.

“Not communicating within the first 60 days of signup increases your chances of being labeled as SPAM by over 50%.” — Marketing Sherpa, 2007

When someone signs up for your e-mail list, they are at the height of their interest in your company or product, so include the following things in your welcome e-mail to ensure your new readers will become long term.

  • Thank them for joining the list.
    By showing your appreciation, the new joiner can feel like their helping you out personally and it’ll increase what they think their value is to the company.
  • Reiterate your goals of the newsletter
    Remind them what they will be gaining by signing up for this newsletter. Give them sample links of articles that you have included in the past so they can really see what your e-mail list is like.
  • Give exclusive content
    Reward the new subscriber by offering them something they can’t get anywhere else. A coupon for a special discount on services or a link to exclusive insider info will show the subscriber that being a part of this e-mail list is a benefit to them.
  • Use a real name in the signature
    By using a real name and contact information compared to the general company name gives a face to your organization. It makes the e-mails seem more personable and not just an automatic

Create an engaging welcome letter for your new subscribers and set a proper foundation for your relationship with your e-mail list.

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