Increase in Twitter users means an increase in your Twitter usage

Solomon Thimothy - September 14, 2009

increase in twitter users

With Twitter growing at rapid rates, it is quickly becoming the latest way for companies to market themselves and get in touch with current and possible future clients.

Approximately 18 million adults in the United States will access Twitter at least once a month, according to the latest report from eMarketer, making up around 11 percent of total Internet users. They estimate that percentage to increase to 15.5 in 2010.

With a high number of people now flocking to Twitter, this can become a new way for your company to get its name out there. There are multiple ways to use your Twitter account.

    • Post news relevant to your industry.
      By tweeting about the latest technological advancements in your industry or the big news events that relate to your job, you are showing that you know what you are talking about. People will be more likely to trust you if you can show that you know what you are talking about.


    • Give away special deals or coupons for your followers.
      Rewarding your loyal customers is often the best way to keep them and get new ones. By presenting them with deals, you are giving people a reason to want to follow you on Twitter.


    • Use it as a customer service line.
      One of the favorite aspects of Twitter is the ability to interact and talk to people you might not be able to see in person. Create a conversation with your followers to make your company seem more personable. Respond to any problems or questions they might be having related to your industry. These little details can help your company stand out from the competition.


  • Find new potential customers.
    The search function on Twitter can help you find new people on Twitter who might be interested in your services. If you are running an online cosmetics company, search for “makeup” or “lip gloss” or other phrases related to your company and see if those people could become potential customers.

Get started with your own Twitter account and help expand your company’s reach in the online world.

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