Pay-Per-Click advertising is not a do-it-yourself solution!

Solomon Thimothy - September 10, 2009


Online marketing in general, especially, Pay-Per-Click advertising is not a simple task. It requires in-depth knowledge about how search engines works. I often come across clients who think that PPC Management is something an average web user can do. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

I just went to a meeting for one of my potential clients interested in Pay-Per-Click marketing. The client is a dentist who for about a year was spending his own personal time creating and “optimizing” his own PPC campaigns. Initially, he got a few calls here and there but as time went by his clicks were virtually zero.  I requested to look at his PPC campaign and found that the quality score for all his keywords were poor across the board, and not to mention his cost per click for many of his keywords were above a whopping $10 per click.  The most common mistake I find that people make when setting up their own PPC campaigns is that they think they are experts and know exactly what they are doing. I find great pleasure in pointing out their mistakes during my meetings with them and proving them wrong. The dentist I met had one ad group and one ad running for almost 200 keywords which most were not even relevant to his practice.

Moral of the story is that, PPC marketing is not a do it yourself solution! Top search engines may market their internet marketing solutions in that way to gain your business, but it is not the case. Here at ClickXPosure we have a team of experts who specialize in making sure that the internet campaigns we build are up to code with search engine standards (mainly Google) and optimize in such a way that the quality score is always “Great” and never below “OK”. A great quality score means that the keywords picked are relevant enough to the ad copies of a certain ad group; this in turn translates into a low cost-per-click and higher ranking in most cases. Pick a company like Clickxposure that understands these mechanics and can help you generate positive results without digging deep into your pockets. Please make sure to read my next blog on the top ten most common mistakes of PPC marketing.

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