Getting the Most of Your Mobile E-mail Marketing Campaign

Solomon Thimothy - September 3, 2009

mobile email marketing

Mobile technology is revolutionizing the way we do marketing.  Research shows that e-mail marketing will reach close to $30 million in spending in 2009 alone.  That sum is expected to nearly double by 2014.  Briefly said, mobile marketing is the new era.  To get the most out of your mobile marketing campaign, make sure you are following some basic yet essential rules.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the attention span of your readers is extremely limited.  Your message will be seen in a screen of no more than 4 inches, limiting your message to just a few hundred characters.  Thus, it’s crucial that your message is short and concise.  Most mobile technology users do not depend on their mobile devices but do take advantage of getting some messages out of the way while they are on the way to work, on the way home or out at a meeting.  This means that they usually check their e-mails on their mobile devices only to check for important messages.  The rest, they trash immediately.  Only important messages are kept to look at later back at the office.  So make your e-mail short and enticing.

Another feature of mobile marketing to keep in mind is the different platforms used and their different needs and rendering styles.  Not all phone or platforms are created equal.  Make sure you test your messages prior to sending them so you know what your message will look like.  Personalized messages also go a long way.  If you have your recipient’s name, use it to your advantage.

Finally, give options to your recipients. If it’s an opt-out or a way to send your message viral, it’s a great way to keep your message going.

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