Tips To Increase Email Marketing Deliverability

Solomon Thimothy - September 1, 2009

email marketing deliverability

As email continues to grow as a primary method of communication in modern society, many of today’s marketers are taking advantage of this medium as a cost-effective and highly useful marketing tool.  Among the many concerns email marketers face, email deliverability is predominant.  According to the 2008 Email Marketing Buyer’s Guide, email deliverability is the primary consideration for online marketing professionals.

Because of the many complications involved in increasing email deliverability, many business owners allot a portion of their advertising budget to purchase access to an email service provider (ESP) specializing in email marketing.  ESPs are valuable because they provide a working framework for the kind of mass emailing that businesses need to do.  They keep businesses in compliance with the latest authentication tools as well as the most recent requirements for email marketing.

A quality ESP is a valuable tool for increasing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.  However, there are things that you can do, completely independent from your ESP, that will increase your email deliverability, such as monitoring your sender reputation and message relevance.

Monitoring Your Sender Reputation

Internet service providers are often wary of brand-new Internet protocol (IP) addresses because spammers frequently change their address to avoid detection.  Using an established IP address to send good emails in full compliance with government regulations will develop a solid reputation for your business over time.

Maintaining a neat and tidy email address list will also foster a good reputation.  Weed out recipients who have unsubscribed or who have not opened the last several emails that you’ve sent.  Obtain permission from your regular subscribers periodically.   These simple precautions will keep your recipients from reporting you as a spam, thereby tarnishing your reputation the Internet service providers.

Maintaining Message Relevance

The key to effective email marketing is to create email messages that attract customer’s attention and provide useful and meaningful information.  When customers sign up to receive your email marketing communications, allow them to set preferences for how often they would like to receive email.  Make sure that the “from” and “subject” lines of your email contain wording that will be recognizable and appealing to the recipient.  Many ESPs provide features that allow you to create and send automated and highly relevant emails such as birthday greetings or product-replacement notices.

By monitoring your sender reputation and maintaining message relevance, you will see results in increased email deliverability in your marketing campaigns.  A good ESP will not only provide the tools you need to send mass marketing communications, but will create an infrastructure designed to foster better practices in email marketing, such as building clean lists and designing relevant messages.

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