Get Personal with Variable Data Printing and Increase Your ROI

Samuel Thimothy - August 21, 2009

personal with variable data printing


As most people have figured out, one of the golden rules of marketing is personalization.  The concept is simple; show that you care and know your audience.   Sounds simple, right?  Extensive research shows that personalized messages and marketing pieces show increased response rates leading to higher returns on investment (ROI).  Variable Data Printing (VDP) allows you to personalize each individual  marketing piece so that your reader receives something that is personal and relevant to their needs and wants.

On-demand VDP technology allows the personalization of just about anything on your marketing piece. This can be graphics, text or images.  The technology lets printers to take one original marketing piece to print using an external data or mailing list file that identifies the type of personalization each particular piece will have.   The reason for personalization is obvious.  The same message will not create the effect on every one of your recipients.

Imagine you are a new car dealer in the area.  You want to create a marketing piece that will announce your grand opening and special deals.  Most likely, your customer base will not be extensive as you are new to the area.  Therefore, you purchase a data list from a mailing list company that gives you the demographics of local residents and if it’s sophisticated enough, their behaviors and preferences. A compiled list of people will serve you no good if the message you are sending them is not appropriate or relevant to their needs.  Thus, VDP technology offers you the ability to personalize each of your marketing pieces.  Say, you want a special message for recent high-school graduates with a special incentive to purchase a new car and an image of a graduate.  Perhaps you are offering a special rate for trade-ins to people with cars of the same make that you carry at your dealership.  No matter what your message may be, VDP printing creates highly-personalized messages that get results.

When people are constantly bombarded with offers, it’s important to remember that personalization gets you a long way.  Next time you embark on a direct marketing campaign, make sure you launch a personalized campaign and you’ll see what a difference that makes!

Next time you’re thinking of creating a new marketing campaign, think about making it personal.  Of course, a marketing campaign is worth nothing if there is not an equally compelling offer.  To learn more about how personalization can help you increase your response rates, contact our expert specialists at OneIMS.

Want more information on increasing your market reach? The experts at OneIMS will guide you through a variety of available options within your budget.  For more information, contact OneIMS today at 1-888-ONE-IMS1.

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