Maximize on Summer Profits with VDP Technology

Samuel Thimothy - May 20, 2009

variable data printing technology

Variable Data Printing (VDP) allows marketers to target a highly specified customer base with the use of specialty data and mailing lists.  Business owners can actually imagine “the perfect customer,” the one most likely in need of their goods and services, and then systematically target individuals who fall into the target market category according to an almost infinite number of specifications, including income bracket, interests, geographic area, marital status, gender, and many other types of data.  The beauty of VDP is this:  the more data you collect about an individual, by tracking purchasing habits, collecting survey information, email marketing and personalized communications, the more successful you can be at predicting his future purchasing interests, thereby targeting your marketing campaigns with greater precision.

This summer, use variable data printing technology to send targeted seasonal messages to your clients.  To clients who have children, target marketing campaigns highlighting summer enrichment opportunities during the vacation months, such as tennis or swimming lessons, day camps, or soccer clubs.  Launch a summer marketing campaign for special summer savings at a neighborhood restaurant with a personalized postcard to past clients.  Throughout the year, track purchasing habits and study data to identify clients who are likely to barbecue during the summer, or might like to take dance lessons in the park, or to go on a vacation and stay in a hotel or rent a car.  Use data to create specific targeted marketing campaigns to maximize profits during the summer months.

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