Subject Lines That Jump Off The Page: How to Capture Attention in a Few Words

Solomon Thimothy - April 21, 2009

subject lines that capture attention

Have you ever noticed that when you open your email inbox, some emails catch your attention instantly, while others go relatively unnoticed?  Email marketing messages must contend with so many other competing messages in the inbox.  Creating split-second interest with a compelling subject line is the key to attracting readers to click and read more.

How To Write Subject Lines that Jump off the Page

The fact is, most people spend an average of about two seconds reading an email’s subject line.  During those two seconds, reading the first two or three words will allow the reader to choose between the options of reading the email now, flagging the email to be read later, or deleting the email without reading.  The key to writing compelling subject lines is to make the most of the first two or three words to create interest.

Three Simple Tips to Improve Your Subject Lines

1.   If your message contains several topics, such as a monthly informational newsletter, choose the most interesting one to highlight in the subject line.

2.   Use numbers to capture the attention of your reader.  Try subject lines such as, “Top 10 Ways to Go Green in the Office,” or “3 Email Marketing Secrets.”

3.   Create a sense of urgency using words such as, “today,” “few,” “limited,” or “This Weekend Only.”

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