Create More Intelligent Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns with Personalized URLs (PURL)

Samuel Thimothy - April 21, 2009

direct mail marketing campaigns with purls


Variable data printing (VDP) and digital printing technology allows business owners to target customers more specifically with the aid of specialty data and mailing lists.  With VDP, business owners can define a target market based on income, lifestyle choices, interests, marital status, gender, and an almost infinite number of categories.  Business owners are able to actually imagine the “perfect client,” the customer most likely in need of their goods and services, and then systematically and specifically target individuals who fit that description in their direct mail marketing campaigns.

These highly targeted direct mail marketing campaigns are even more effective when they are personalized.  Imagine a direct mail marketing campaign for a new neighborhood restaurant.  Instead of a generic greeting, each postcard has a personalized message with the name of the recipient.  The images on the postcard are designed to connect with the customer.  An unmarried twenty-something may see the image of a group of young people enjoying a meal together.  A family with children may receive a postcard with the image of a happy family eating and laughing.  Each postcard contains a personalized web address where the customer can access promotional information. (i.e.  Customers who access the personalized web address will be asked to give some information, for example, an email address, to receive a discount coupon for the grand opening.

Over time, the use of Personalized URLs (PURLs) allows business owners to continually refine and enhance the quality of their customer data.  A first-time visitor to the restaurant can receive an invitation to take an online survey critiquing the meal, the customer service, and the atmosphere.  Survey questions could also include information about the customer’s preferences, dining habits, and interests.  Future direct mail marketing campaigns could be even more targeted based on the information gleaned from the survey questions.  For example, if the customer answered that he enjoys a good steak now and then, he may receive a follow-up postcard with the image of a juicy steak, offering him 10% off his next steak dinner.

OneIMS Data Group, a division of OneIMS:  Integrated Marketing Solutions, assists clients in the acquisition of specialty mailing lists for direct mail marketing campaigns.  The professional data consultants of OneIMS Data Group excel in designing highly targeted, personalized marketing campaigns that yield superior results.  For more information about OneIMS Data Group, visit the website at  For more information about Direct Mail Marketing or personalized URLs, please contact or

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