Marketing in a Recession with Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Samuel Thimothy - March 24, 2009

variable data printing


During a recession, the business owners that survive – and even thrive – are those who take advantage of the unique opportunities of the times.  In a business climate in which many marketers are cutting expenses by slashing marketing budgets, some are using the latest advances in variable data and digital printing to make the most of every marketing dollar spent.

In the past, the owner of a brand new neighborhood restaurant may attract customers and increase awareness in the community with a generic direct mail marketing campaign. The business owner might design an attractive and informative postcard inviting customers. He might even offer a discount as an incentive to get people in the door. This generic marketing campaign may produce some positive results; however, many of the community residents who receive the postcard may never visit the restaurant because it wasn’t relevant enough for them.

With the latest advances in technology and availability of specialty data and mailing list, this particular restaurant owner can narrow down his specific target market by income, lifestyle choices, interests, marital status, gender, etc. With OneIMS Data Group, today marketers can acquire quality consumer and business leads that they can use to do integrated intelligent marketing.

With the arrival of Variable Data Print technology, the same restaurant owner can announce the opening of his restaurant with a direct mail marketing campaign specifically targeted to the community residents most likely to frequent the restaurant.  With Variable Data Printing (VDP), today business owners have the ability to use the intelligent data that they have about their prospective clients to customize and personalize the mail pieces to make it more appealing and relevant to the recipient. For example, the owner of a kid-friendly family style pizzeria can target neighborhood residents with families. The owner of a more moderately priced establishment may, instead, target adults over the age of thirty or households that fall into a certain level of income. With variable data printing, business owners can imagine the “perfect client,” the customer most likely in need of their goods and services, and then target individuals who fit the description in their direct mail marketing campaigns. Not only that, they could personalize each direct mail piece to the recipient who gets it by changing salutation, message, images, and promotion depending on the recipient. This powerful personalization has proven to increase the response rate and profitability.

OneIMS Data Group, a division of OneIMS:  Integrated Marketing Solutions, assists clients in the acquisition of specialty mailing lists for direct marketing campaigns.  The professional data consultants of OneIMS Data Group excel in supplying clients with current and reliable data solutions, highly targeted to yield superior results and increase in ROI.  For more information about OneIMS Data Group, visit the website at For more information about Direct Mail Marketing or for assistance in Integrated Marketing Services, please, contact

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