Monitoring Your Brand’s Reputation Online

Solomon Thimothy - March 19, 2009

monitoring your brand's online reputation


Everyone loves to hear praiseworthy comments about their company, services, and products. It makes business owners and entrepreneurs feel like they’ve done things right. Well, unless your business has the Midas touch, there are definitely areas you can still improve on.

Many companies have now migrated to conduct at least some part of their business online. Even so, one thing that hasn’t changed about business is that people talk. Only these days, people don’t just talk over lunch, on the phone, or by e-mail, they also talk online. With this being the case, there is a very good chance that the name of your company is floating around on the Web, and you’ll probably want to rest assured it’s all good things being said. It’s hard to take criticism face to face, so why not get it online? Yep, it’s time to find out what the word on the Internet highway is about your brand, and yes, it goes deeper than just doing a Google search of your company’s name!

Before you tense up, relax, we have a few tips for you on how to monitor the good, bad, and hopefully nothing ugly!

Google Alerts: You’ve probably figured out by now we’re fans of Google’s solutions, but aside from that, this really is an excellent tool that allows you to track when your brand name, URL, or other related items show up anywhere on Google.

Technorati: Here’s another great way to search the blogosphere for what’s being said about you. The advantage to using this is that Technorati indexes in real time, so you can see comments immediately after they’re posted.

TweetBeep: If you’re signed up for Twitter, this is the best way to track all “tweets”, or conversations, that mention your brand or company.

Trackur: Ok, now we’re digging a little deeper for dirt here, because this tool gets a little more sophisticated (but still easy to use).

Oh, and except for Trackur (starts at $18 a month) all these tools are FREE, so you have no excuse to be the last one to know what people are saying about your company!

Using one or a combination of these tools will help you stay on top of providing ideal solutions to your customers at all times. It will also help protect the brand image you’ve worked hard to create.

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