Making Sure You’ve Covered Your Basics Before Launching a PURL (Personalized URL) Campaign

Solomon Thimothy January 12, 2009
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Review chartsOne of the newest marketing strategies in the direct mail or email mail world is the use of PURLs.  While PURLs (Personalized URL) allow you to easily track the effectiveness of your campaign and even obtain new information about your prospective clients, a PURL isn’t anything if you don’t have a solid campaign behind it.

As with any type of campaign, you have to make sure that you remember the basic rules about what makes a successful campaign.  Going back to Marketing 101, make sure that you’ve covered the basics.

  1. Make an Irresistible Offer:  For any type of campaign to work, you have to make sure that your offer is something that your prospective clients cannot resist.  It has to be something of value to them.  A bad offer is just as effective as no offer at all.
  2. Make it Clear: Don’t hide your offer.  Make sure it’s the focal point of your direct mail piece or your email.  The offer should be clearly visible and should be the reason why your prospect will take the time to read through your direct mail piece or your e-mail.  Making it clear also means that the offer is easy to understand and does not require much work on the part of the consumer.
  3. Make Your Message Say It All: Just like presidential campaign slogans create excitement and buzz around a candidate, your message should also be simple, clear and exciting.  Get creative with your message.  Don’t resort to generic messages.
  4. Personalize Your Landing Page:  As each individual will have a unique landing page, make sure that you are personalizing this landing page to the recipient.  If you already know some information about the recipient, make sure to use it to your advantage and offer them what interests them.

Once you’ve taken steps one to four into consideration and have made sure that they are met, your PURL campaign is sure to be a success.  It’s easy to think that a PURL will do all the work for you, but remember that a recipient will not go through with clicking or entering the PURL into their browser until the first three steps are met.  If they aren’t interested, then the PURL is just as good as writing their name on a direct mail piece.  So be sure to use the PURL as an additional tool to make your campaigns more effective.

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