A Smart Investment: The Beauty of E-Mail Marketing

Solomon Thimothy - January 9, 2009

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As times get tough, it’s time to think of what marketing strategies will not only reach more potential clients but also which will have a higher return on investment.  E-mail Marketing is great for saving you money and have effectiveness comparable, if not better, to traditional Direct Mail Marketing.

Here are a few advantages of turning to E-mail Marketing or E-mail Campaigns:

  1. Selection:  While traditional direct mail campaigns usually concentrate on a certain geographic area, e-mail marketing can expand to broader search terms and specifications may even be made for particular consumer behaviors.  Additionally, don’t forget that you can start compiling your own e-mail list by having visitors to your website subscribe to your newsletter or to receive offers from you. These subscribers or prospects can be nurtured using Email Marketing until they are ready to make a purchase.
  2. No Limit: Most of the time, you send out one marketing piece to each individual household to reduce the costs involved in mailing.  With an e-mail list, you can send your message to multiple people in the same household, even to several different e-mail addresses that they each may have.  The cost?  Minimal.
  3. Quantities: When organizing a direct mail campaign, the grandeur of the campaign depends on how many pieces will be sent out.  That number comes down to the cost of printing/creating the piece and mailing it out.  With e-mail campaigns, businesses tend to take advantage of the significantly lower rates to expand their campaigns.  So while you may send out 5,000 direct mail pieces, your e-mail campaign may be going out to 15,000 different potential clients.
  4. Tracking: While there are many new and sophisticated ways to check whether someone received your direct mail piece or not, e-mail campaigns are easy to track.  Add a little bit of analytical tools to your campaign and you can easily see who opened your message, how long and when they opened it and what they did after reading your message.  All this with almost real-time tracking and analytics.
  5. Trying Again: So perhaps the first round did not bring in as many interested potentials as you had hoped.  A great advantage of e-mail marketing is that for a fairly inexpensive cost, you can modify it and re-launch your campaign and wait for round #2 to bring around those potential clients that perhaps overlooked your offer the first time around.  A direct mail campaign would require you to re-print/re-create the original piece, send it out once again and ultimately, it can become a more costly endeavor for something that perhaps isn’t going to work again.

The market and the economy are rapidly changing.  It’s time to think ahead and make the most of your marketing strategies. Direct Mail by itself isn’t sufficient anymore. Cross-media Marketing is important if you want to be ahead of your competition.

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